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  Fujipoly-SARCON® Kerafol- KERATHERM®   Laird  Bergquist Chomerics Thin films GHR,GRTD,GSR,GTR, HR,QR,TR, UR(2.6W/mK) 86/82(6.5W/mK), 86/83,U90,70/50, 70/60(70/50+PSA)86/30,86/50 T-Pli®-200 T-gard500 Sil-Pad : 400,800,2000, k-4,k-6,k-10

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Gasketing & Sealing

Sponge & Foams Polyurethane – Poron® 4701-30 4701-37-New product Water sealing 4701-40 4701-41 4701-50 4701-60 4701-92 Silicone Foam- Bisco® HT-800

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Electrical Insulations

Polycarbonat-Lexan® FR-700,FR-60/65,SL 2030,8010,G11,G42 Polyamide-Kapton®,100HN,200HN,300HN,500HN,K-105,Cirlex® Aramid – Nomex® Polyester film- Mylar®,Lumirror® 60.61,JINDEL,S10(Clear),T60(Super Clear),Anti-Static Film Polypropylene- Formex® Polyetherimide – Ultem®1000/1000B ABS PTFE/FEP/PFA/ETFE – Teflon®,SG-25®,3M-60   For more

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Electrical Conductive

Schlegel-CF78 Series, 3M- 9713,1674,1627,1697(Venture Tape) JA BAR – Seies 800   TECKNIT-82-55903(0.8MM),82-55906(1.6MM) 82-F6603(0.8MM),82-F6606(1.6MM)-Florosilicone   CHOMERIES-PARKER 1285(silver plated Alu),1287(silver pluted Alu florosilicone) 1278(silver

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3M-Transfer tapes: 200MPׂ Series (467,469,7952,7955,7962,7965,9172,9185,9667) High Temprature Application : 9082,9086,9087,9088,9731(Silicon-Acrily) 300 LSE (Low Surface Energy) :9471,9671,9472,9672,9500 3M-Very High Bond(VHB®): Thin(0.1-0.15mm): 9460,9469,9473,950 Thicker(0.4-3mm) :

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EMI/RFI Shielding   Wire Oriented In Silicon : Ja Bar Series 600,611-0007,611-0019 Monel Wire Tecknit 82-55903,55906,56906,56906 Laird Chomerics-Parker : 4850(EMI/RFI SPONGE), 6502,6503,   1298(Corrosion

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