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Labels Solutions

CUT & MOR has an experience in adapting solutions adhesion to a wide variety of applications such as:

Double Side Adhesives- transfer tape adhesives thin and transparent
Structural adhesive- VHB (Very High Bond) adhesive , application with low surface energy LSE , optical adhesives for laser beams work environment applications and more.
One self adhesive – for many applications such as electrical insulation, masking and protection components during sub – processes like painting, radiation, etc..
• Laminated on other raw materials such as sponges, electrical insulating, silicone sponge/rubber confectionery, textiles, leather and more.
• Labels with tabs / sheet to quick and easy assembly integrated environment requires precision application.
• Adhesives cartridges 1 or 2 Components.
• Shelf items such as 3M ® -BUMPONS

Double Side Adhesives

Modern manufacturing of devices and austere environment Many applications require standards diminishing use screws and a metal claw and beyond engineering strength based adhesives. Using adhesives helpful although the reduction of weight devices instead of screws traditional increased the weight of the devices in direct proportion to the number of screws which was to capture and confinement components inside the machine. For example a frame made from Double Side Adhesive can catch the LCD screen of any size instead screws / bolts and bring total savings in some major parameters as like overall weight, minimum thickness between layers in front and back of the screen, and a greater proportional strength divided equally among all the screen surface.
CUT & MOR can supply adhesives in any required efforts, such as efforts of peeling off, friction, standing at 90 degrees between two parts which adhere together. Whether your surface is special and not routine, such as a surface with low energy like plastics of all kinds, silicone, rubber or non-planar surfaces- CUT & MOR is the first and last place to find a solution for that.

1 Self Adhesives

CUT & MOR has a wide range of films from various sticky designed for coating raw materials and components to wrap electrical isolation and preventing contact with the other parts inside the device for preventing electrical shortage. Among other things, the company offers a sticky film of insulating material such as polyamide (® KAPTON), Nomex Adhesive (NOMEX ®), polyesters glues, and more.
Those 1 self adhesives also intended for masking areas and components in the production line process from spray painting and various chemicals, protection from mechanical friction between the components in the process, coating parts pre-delivery to the end customer, and more.
CUT & MOR offers a variety of polyesters adhesive thicknesses ranging from -0.0001” (25 micron / 1 mil) to 0.008”.Vinyls coating applied these films can be acrylic or silicone adhesives. These adhesive films do not leave marks when removed after peeling when finish at sub process of masking or protection.
Films screening can be applied even in a work environment that requires sub-process of income in the oven at high temperatures and meeting UL-94V0 Standards.

Stickers with tabs / on sheet

Sometimes there is a need to produce labels with tabs for the implementation easier and faster production lines which argument item production time is critical. CUT & MOR has the experience in design with you the correct geometric for these stickers with special emphasis on the design tab in size and in the right location, maximum utilization of raw materials for the purpose of reducing the cost of the sticker, design sticker in mind of intact until reaching the production line for the application.
This solution of a label with tab is necessary for a difficult to reach environment ehich require very accurately and correctly paste. Use with a tab allows implements sticker reach more easily and very accurately tuning patch just before pasting.

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