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CUT & MOR supply small labels fast and easy to use peeling assembly line.

We should supply our customers labels on roll with similar distances and dried between units for the feeding system automatically paste (PICK & PLACE)

Our capabilities allow us to combine over 2 lamination materials with double sided adhesive labels and making them as a “Kiss-Cut” format(cutting is done only on some of the layers with the bottom layer is usually intact).

Supply labels in rolls / sheets on top.

Cuts peeling tabs linguistic items with quick and easy implementation.


CUT & MOR knowledge should designe and supply you items applied double side adhesive only selective areas such transparent panels (with / without text) and double sided adhesive frame finer scale item.


For information on proper adhesion / surface preparation / implementation of the glue Click here

To adjust the series adhesive 3M VHB ® Criteria click here

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